What to Serve at Your Stranger Things Viewing Party

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Viewing Party Snack Suggestions

You’ve got a gang of buddies or family heading over to your place to watch a Stranger Things marathon.

Though you don’t want it to be the same ol’watching marathon that you’ve had in the past with the ho’hum snacks.

No, you want this to be different.

To be special.

You want Stranger Things specific snacks.

Listed below are our recommendations to make your party go beyond the usual.

#1 Waffles

You hear your co-workers or your friends talk about their upcoming viewing party for Stranger Things season 3.

One of them mentions, “Don’t forget the waffles.” OR “You’re in charge of bringing the Eggos.”

If you haven’t seen the series then you might be scratching your head asking, “What the heck is with all the dang waffles?”

Well, let me tell ya… waffles ARE THE THING for ANY Stranger Things viewing party.

Make sure that waffles are there… trust me… you’ll want them there.


#2 Dark Reeses Peanut Butter Cups


Journey to the upside down world and enjoy the dark side of goodness when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter.



#3 Reeses Pieces

Delicious crunchy peanut butter tasty treat for you and your friends to gnosh on as you watch the Stranger Things marathon in preparation for season 3.


#4 Oreos Fudge – or – Dark Chocolate

Yeah, that’s right. Oreos… but they’re fudge (and dark) oreos.

Come to the upside down and savor this sweet delicacy of chocolately goodness.



#5 Popcorn

You can’t have a viewing party without popcorn.

Microwave, air pop, stove top or whatever top…

… just make sure the popcorn is there…

… drizzled in lots and lots of ooey gooey butter.


What’s your preferred snack for series marathon?

Got a fav? Then comment below.

Got drinks?

A few options are…

… dark colas to go in sync with the upside down theme…

… Root-beer Ice Cream Floats…

… or hit up the demogorgon punch/cocktails.

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