Should You Go See Toy Story 4 ?

Should you go see Toy Story 4?

… It’s everywhere online with trailers and people commenting…

Sure, you’ve watched the first three but you’re probably thinking “Is the fourth one going to ruin it?”


To be honest, I haven’t seen it yet either though the trailers and reviews so far are good.

However you want a dang good reason to paw over that cash needed to watch it in today’s expensive theaters.

Nobody would blame you if you skipped this one (except maybe your inner child.)

So, here are 5 good reasons WHY YOU SHOULD go see Toy Story 4:

  1. Bo Peep has returned!
    If you were like me you probably wondered what the heck happened to Bo Peep after she was given away in the second movie for the Toy Story series. Now is your chance to find out.
  2. Relive the magic of what makes a toy a toy
    A child’s imagination is a powerful force. Bonnie displays this power when she creates Forky – one of the newest members to the Toy Story crew.
  3. Meet, laugh and fall in love with new toys
    As the cast gets bigger you’re certain to find or choose a new favorite from the Toy Story gang.
  4. Learn about the lifestyle of a Lost Toy
    Those rogue ruffians sure do know how to live it up. Is Bo part of this squad of rapscallions?
  5. Enjoy the emotional roller coaster of a truly wonderful story
    Fans are already raving about how this toy story was a tear jerker but in a good way. Many have advised that you bring a pack of tissues with you.

Grab a friend and go see Toy Story 4 this weekend if you haven’t seen it yet (or go do it again.)

Haven’t seen the trailer? Watch the official one below:

Already seen Toy Story 4?

Do you have a good reason why your friend should see this movie?

Or what was the reason why YOU saw Toy Story 4?

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