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Kindled Legends: A Burning Embers Anthology

Burning Embers is a social media based community of authors, where authors discuss, share ideas, and support one another.

“It takes a community to rise above the ashes of obscurity.”

Join five of the founding members as they share fiery tales, and explore new worlds.

*Half of the proceeds will go to supporting the Burning Embers community, and half will go to supporting Red Cross.

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Get to know the authors behind the stories of Kindled Legends and find out where to follow them

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Learn more about the 5 fabulous Fantasy stories included in the Kindled Legends Burning Embers Anthology.

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Why you NEED to READ this anthology…

Supporting a Good Cause

We believe that giving back is a good thing. So, while you’re indulging in fantasy nirvana with 5 incredible stories the moolah goes to help the Red Cross. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You Get 5 Stories

A total STEAL! Kindled Legends features five stories by five awesome authors, providing you with an escape to distant Fantasy worlds for several hours.

Easy on the wallet

Only 99 cents! Yup, we’re talking only 99 American pennies for this entire, absolutely fun collection of Fantasy stories!

Meet the Authors of Kindled Legends

T.E. Bradford

Author of Written in the Stars

Tracy is a writer, singer-songwriter, cancer survivor and proud wife and mother. Born and raised in Central New York, she will tell you that her parents gave her the two best tools in her arsenal by reading to her and raising her in a Christian household. In spite of the long CNY winters she continues to live there with the husband that God created just for her, and the son who is her forever best story. In her heart, she feels that her gift of writing is a little piece of magic, and that it is both her privilege and grandest adventure to find new ways to stretch a hand out to touch the wonder of this vast universe God created.

Amazon – T-E-Bradford

James Quinlan Meservy

Author of I Am Master Serv, A Rai Saga Short Story

I am James Quinlan Meservy 
Fantasy Author Extraordinaire,
Creature of Creatures,
Embellisher of Events,
And Firebrand
“Stories that Kindle Imagination” 

Amazon – James Meservy
Facebook – James.Quinlan.Meservy
Website – Jqmserv.wordpress.com


Rachel Pudsey

Author of A Fiery Twist of Fate

Rachel was born and raised in Scotland. A graduate of psychology, she now resides in South Korea. She has dabbled in teaching children, but after a few blessed years has succumbed to teaching English to adults in Seoul.

Rachel has been writing stories since as long as she can remember. An obsession with Point Horror books led to her first novel being written at the age of ten. Truth be told, it wasn’t very good. The following years were spent reading thrillers, romantic comedies, fantasies, occasionally playing guitar, and dabbling in songwriting, all the while continuing to write stories unworthy for print and developing her own style.

She is the author of The Aronia Series, a light, clean, adventurous YA fantasy-romance series that follows a girl through a journey into realising one must be careful what they wish for.

Amazon – Rachel Pudsey
Facebook – authorrachelpudsey
Website – rachelpudsey.com

Alicia Scarborough

Author of Flames of Ashes

As a child, Alicia Scarborough’s family would often find her acting out stories that she had envisioned for her toy ponies. Her mom and sisters admit that they would carefully sneak by her room to hear the conclusion of her riveting tales. Stories have always held a special place in Alicia’s heart, and as she grew up, she continued to hone her craft. Alicia makes it a personal goal of hers to up the stakes with her characters every chance that she gets.

In her tween years Alicia grew up in the beautiful Sierra Mountains in the small town of Tehachapi, California. Because houses were far apart, a bike or car was necessary for visiting friends. So instead Alicia would use her imagination to come up with interesting stories to bide her time. By the time she was 13, her family moved and settled in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives today.

Working full time as a Senior Product Engineer, Alicia’s job involves using both technical and creative skills. On her off-hours she can be found drawing with charcoals, painting with watercolors, reading stories, writing, or learning new and interesting things.

Amazon – Alicia-Scarborough
Facebook – aliciascarboroughauthor
Website – charmed-embers-publications.com

Maria Vermisoglou

Author of Crystal’s Magical Tale

My name is Maria Vermisoglou and I’m a Bestselling fantasy author who loves throwing her heroes into impossible situations. I draw inspiration from books, travels and…the ceiling. (So, blame the ceiling!)

I started writing 4 years ago when an idea came to me. That idea started all… When I’m not writing, I love a good riding on the fantasy dragon but a book can also be exciting along with a cup of tea.
I’m currently residing in Crete as a librarian, battling monsters and supernatural creatures from overcoming the world.

Amazon – Maria-Vermisoglou
Website – Creative Quill

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